Hano Initiative is a charitable initiative under the UK-registered charity EOW-Charity (Charity Registration Number1156327). The sole purpose of this Initiative is either to donate an amount or to sponsor orphaned or underprivileged youth and women to study at Hano Academy.

Your financial support will help to provide scholarships to such students enabling them to acquire the relevant skills and a quality education at Hano Academy that will make them independent and shape their future.

Hano Academy is the first and only accredited Academic Progression and Polytechnic Academy in Somalia that offers:

  1. Languages and Professional Development Courses and Training to academics, civil servants, university graduates and formally educated individuals
  2. Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) to technical labour-oriented individuals
  3. Job Creation and Employment Opportunities through:
    • Our Social Innovation Hub
    • Hano Recruitment Agency, which is specialised in Apprenticeship, Internship and Workplace Experience, and
    • Our partner Recruitment Agency ‘Khibrad Recruitment Agency’, which helps potential employers connect with the wide range of our knowledgeable, capable and skilled Hano Academy graduates.

For more information about the academy, please visit the web site Hano Academy

You can benefit from the Gift Aid option available to you when you donate or sponsor underprivileged or orphaned students at Hano Academy.

We shall link individuals to a young person of their choice, as their sole sponsor. Sponsors will see ‘their’ recipient’s life changing through the notes, letters, photographs and videos.

Problem Statement

Somalia has undergone economic stagnation for more than two decades. This is due to the political issues that befell the nation following the fall of Siad Barre’s government more than 27 years ago. As a result, many people including the youth languish in poverty. Somalia is known for its best brains in many fields. Many Somalis who had the advantage of going abroad are now shining in their respective fields. This shows that Somalia has the power to improve its economic growth through its citizens. Sadly, many of the youth in Mogadishu and the rest of Somalia suffer because of unemployment.

Many of these failed to complete education due to lack of fees. The few that managed to complete university education are unable to secure employment due to the prevailing economic and political impasse.

Through this initiative, we believe that your contribution can ease these main challenges in Somalia and together we can help the youth and women of Somalia to acquire quality education, employment, recreation facilities and a hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

Hano Initiative is the brainchild of EOW-Charity and several Somali professionals working locally and abroad. This Initiative will help these individuals to gain quality educational training and create self-employment opportunities or connect other trainees to prospective employers. Giving back to society and helping the underprivileged people realise the importance of life will assist in stabilising Somalia as a nation, which will also have an indirect impact on the rest of the world


Our goal is to raise enough funds to enable Somali youth and women to undergo training, which shall empower them with the necessary survival skills in the current competitive job market.


The aim of this Initiative is to provide a meaningful and quality education with employability skills to the disadvantaged youth and women ‒to up-skill them and put them on a par with other youth and women in Somalia.


Give education opportunity to underprivileged youth and women in Somalia.


Create a workforce in Somalia with employable skills. Help youth and women earn a living.

  1. Underprivileged and disadvantaged youth and women including Refugee Returnees and IDPs
  2. Orphans

Our concerted efforts and goodwill will indeed help these individuals to gain quality educational training and help them to establish their own businesses or access employment.