Somali Youth Labour Force

The Somali Youth Labour Force (SYLF) is a project of Hano Initiative and aims at training 1,000 youth in various disciplines. At Hano Academy, we have tailor-made courses and skills training that address the labour force question in the public sector. Somalia lacks skilled manpower, who can be beneficial in both private and public projects. One of our training programs deals with the construction industry. The government is undergoing reconstruction but lacks sufficient manpower. This forces companies and the government Departments to outsource labour from neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The Somali Youth Labour force will provide skills training to empower the youth and enable them earn a living while contributing to the reconstruction of the country. We are calling upon friends and other people of goodwill to help our youth gain meaningful skills training by donating for the project. Your utmost kindness and donation is what we need to save the future of the Somali youth and the Nation as a whole. This project is very unique and only available at Hano Academy in the entire Somali Peninsula.

Public Space

This project aims at constructing 17 public spaces in Mogadishu, Somalia. Through this project students will learn about architectural design. The architectural discipline will see the trainees get training in architecture of public space, sustainability in the design process, preservation of the historical architecture of Somalia, 3D visualization for architecture and architectural design while upholding the cultural identity of Somalia. Students studying architecture at Hano Academy will get a clear understanding of what it means by designing buildings and structures. We need donations to support the bright youth who can’t afford to pay for the course. Hano Academy will provide training. This is the first project of its kind in the entire Somalia.

Keep one young person in education and skills training

The project aims at sponsoring at least one student for a course of choice offered at Hano Academy. We have many courses aimed at empowering Somali youth in terms of skills development and economic empowerment. Many young people in Somalia are jobless and thus can’t afford to support themselves. Lack of employment makes them vulnerable and thus promotes crime in the region among other vices. There are some who are bright but can’t afford paying their school fees. This explains why it’s important to uplift these youth. We call upon sponsors to adopt at least one candidate for the training. Apart from training we also offer apprenticeship, internships and help our trainees get jobs.

Help young girls and women get a qualification

Hano Initiative not only supports the youth, but emphasizes on uplifting the girl child and women. Empowering the women and girls is an empowerment of the whole society. Most families in Mogadishu have women who are the main breadwinners. Lack of jobs and inflation has made it hard for jobless women to survive or take care of their families. Thus Hano Initiative aims at offering training to the women and girls within the region. Our training involves different skills. We also offer entrepreneurial training to help women start their own micro-businesses at the end of the training. Donations from well-wishers will help many youth acquire skills training in various vocational fields. This is the first project of its kind in the entire Somalia.